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Cover It Up

from by Distral



Feel the burning eyes, smell the stench in your breath
I know your state of mind and I'm ready to embrace it
Accusation, your mistake
I'm innocent, you're the one to blame

And on and on as it goes, I feel something break!
Last straw, it gives away. Hear the sirens sing!

Bruises and broken bones. Cover it up, with baggy clothes.
No one shall ever know, what happens behind my front door.
Everything will be alright. Cover it up, with hollow lies.
No one shall ever know, what happens behind my front door.

Tears bursting out of my eyes, that tension building up for years.
Hinges of the vault door have been, corroded by the abused years
Shelves filled with hidden rage, ready to explode on your face.
The perfect ammunition for your early expiry date!

Once again
Coming late
You pass out
On your favorite chair
I walk to you
Feeling light headed
I raise my fist
I raise it again, raise it again

One last time you raise your fist!
One last time I'll fall by it!


from Strike, released September 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Distral Pohjois-Karjala, Finland


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